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Cincinnati Sales Manager

ERA is now looking for a dynamic, creative professional to play a key role in building relationships with small to medium companies as Sales Manager in its Cincinnati office. Read more. 

Upcoming Forums and Events 

Cincinnati Spring Training Catalog is here!  

Columbus Spring Training Catalog is here!


 Columbus Hot Topics  

As an ERA member, you can stay cool when things get hot by registering for ERA’s Hot Topics in Employment Law series.  Government agency directors, investigators and Columbus’ premier employment law attorneys will discuss the hot issues currently percolating in the employment arena.  You can get your questions answered, hear about best practices and get practical advice to immediately apply at your workplace so you don’t get burned!


Legal Breakfast Briefings

ERA monthly series of Legal Breakfast Briefings keeps our members in-the-know with local attorneys presenting the latest information on current topics. Click here for more topics information and dates.


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Employee Posters Available

Kentucky Labor Law Posters Revised - The postings on ERA's Kentucky Labor Law poster are currently being revised. This includes the new Equal Employment Opportunity posting. You may preorder by clicking here.

The Federal Labor Law Poster is now available to purchase through your trusted resource, ERA. To place an order, please call 888-237-9554 or you can order online, please click here.

The newly revised Ohio posters are available at ERA. Click here to order. (These posters reflect the 2015 minimum wage increase)


Group-Rating Safety Accountability: Each year Ohio employers have the opportunity to participate in BWC’s Group-Experience-Rating Program or Group-Retrospective-Rating Program. Click here to read more.

Business Courier, In the Know: If question stumps HR pros, ERA hotline will get their back. Click here to read more.

Several new stories have been added to the In the ERA Update page of our website. Click here to view these stories along with other stories featuring ERA.