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Confidentiality Agreement:

You will receive information and various publications as a privilege of your membership with Employers Resource Association. You hereby acknowledge that the information provided for in these publications is confidential and trade secret information that is solely and exclusively owned by ERA. You have agreed to hold such information in the strictest confidence and will not disclose this information to any third party person, firm or corporation, either orally or in writing. IT MAY NOT BE USED FOR CONSULTING SERVICES unless your client receives this information from ERA through its membership. In no way should this information be used in such a way that may destroy the confidentiality or secrecy of this information.

You are permitted to provide specific ERA information to certain third parties that you may hire for services relating to the operation of your business. These third parties may use ERA’s confidential and trade secret information in performing services for your internal organization only.

You are required to notify the third party that ERA confidential and trade services information shall be used only for services provided by the third party to you, and the third party shall not disclose such information to any other person. You understand that you are not permitted to copy or transmit this information in any way. You acknowledge responsibility for obtaining from the third party any ERA publications you provided the third party in performance of their services.

Warning: Violations of this agreement may result in the revocation of membership privileges and legal action.

I hereby certify that I have read this agreement and will comply with the non-disclosure and secrecy requirements as stated above. I also certify that I will keep all information under the appropriate security safeguards in order to prevent any unauthorized disclosure to others.

Membership is subject to approval of the Board of Directors.


Note: Membership will not be approved without proper execution of this agreement.

Membership Investment:

Annual membership investment is based on average annual total number of employees, using the following formula:

1 - 50 employees: $495/year
51 - 99 employees: $495/year plus $2 per employee over 50
Over 100 employees: $5.95 per employee ($4,480 maximum)

Additionally, membership requires a one-time enrollment fee of $200.00. Payment of the enrollment fee and first year’s investment is due with this application. Membership may be renewed by the Board of Directors upon evidence of continuing eligibility, payment of required fees and dues, and non-violation of the Corporation's confidentiality and other policies in effect from time to time.

Each year, you will be asked to complete a membership update and report your employment total for the year. Dues are then calculated using a rolling three-year average based on your reported totals. If you do not report your yearly totals, 10% will be added to your previous year’s employment total.

PLEASE NOTE: Payment of dues to Associations is not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. However, dues may be deducted as an ordinary and necessary business expense or deducted under other provisions of the IRS code as recommended by your accountant.

ERA will gladly accept Employee Handbooks, Policies and Procedures and/or Union Labor Agreements that a new member wishes to donate for use in our Reference Library. Please be advised that such documents will be accessible to all members and readily identifiable as your documents. The content of our library is even richer with your contributions.

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